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The healing power of ritual can ease painful transitions and acknowledge joyous moments in a life well-lived. Nothing can take away the grief from the death of a loved one, but a genuine, well-prepared tribute can ease the pain. A ceremony honoring the person who has passed away, gives the living an opportunity to come to terms with this passing.  As with all of my ceremonies, I am guided by your beliefs.  I work with you to choose the words that are spoken, the stories that are told, and the hymns, prayers, readings and music that are used.

Funerals/Memorial Services. Today more and more Americans are choosing to observe a loved one’s passing with a personalized funeral or memorial service.  Many do not affiliate themselves with any particular religion and families come in all shapes and sizes.   I can help you reflect your loved one’s values and create a service that truly represents who they were – one that honors the life they lived.

AC Warden 4- Capital CeremoniesPre-Planned Funerals.  I have worked with many individuals who don’t want their loved ones to guess how they would like to be remembered.  Together we create a funeral or memorial service that includes readings, prayers,  music and even video clips that are special to you.  You may also want to leave room for family members and friends to present their personal tributes and eulogies.

Survivor Ceremonies. Survivors of tragedies and disasters (both public and private) often need a focal point before beginning the healing process.  These ceremonies can help you and your loved ones express emotions.  You may discover new clarity, meaning and resolution in your lives as you begin to move on.  I welcome the opportunity to design ceremonies for those of you who have come through a disaster or personal challenge (such as an illness or addiction).

Divorce Ceremonies recognize the hurt and pain that divorce causes.   They can help all members of the family heal and begin the journey forward. The ceremony process does not reject the past, but reclaims it. It allows all your friends and family members to gather in the spirit of acceptance and love.   Their support can help you welcome a new day and renew your commitment to growth and fulfillment.

Pet Memorials  Losing your animal companion can be devastating.  A service or ceremony can honor the special relationship you shared.  You can include their friends – both human and animal – and their favorite things.  These ceremonies can take place in your home, in a favorite spot you shared, or even at a grave site.